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Although 2019 is still a couple of months away, our main resolution for the year is to be more healthy. This time round we are going to start putting our good habits into practice now so we can get ahead of the game. We have been introducing Smart Foods from So Shape into our daily routines and are getting on super so far. So Shape Smart Meals and Snacks contain all the nutrients you need to slim down or stay in shape without deficiencies and without taking the lead!

The Smart Foods are high protein snacks such as granola, pancakes and chocolate muffins. We have been eating them as afternoon snacks, breakfast in the morning before we go to work and in the evenings as a snack watching Netflix. They are ideal for people who are always on-the-go, with busy lifestyles, for extra protein intake, or just for people who wish to have a post weekend detox, as they supply all of your daily micro and macro nutrients.

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Ruth and I have very busy lifestyles with working our day jobs and blogging in the evenings. The pancakes and muffins are incredibly easy and quick to make which is just perfect for us! We want to have a healthy diet so that we have more energy and not feel so tired all the time. So Shape prioritise health over weight loss and and we really value this.

We are having a balanced diet by eating salads, sushi and hot soups for lunch. Increasing our fruit and veg intake has really helped us in the past couple of weeks. We aren’t forgetting to add mixed berries and banana to our granola in the mornings to ensure we are getting our 5 a day. We have noticed a difference and are feeling much more energetic. Some exercise during the week is a must for us! We love to work out in the gym and to go for hikes in the countryside.

We really feel like these positive changes in our diets have made us feel so much better. To see more about So Shape and their products, click here.

*This post has kindly been sponsored by So Shape.*

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